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Aishwarya Lahariya

Aishwarya Lahariya

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About Me

About Me

Hi! I am Aishwarya, trained as a researcher/chemist/scientist or a mixture of three.

Until May 2022, my official documents had an error in my first name-it read Ashwariya Lahariya. If you do encounter pages on the web through Cornell University or ICT Mumbai with that name, that is still me!


Professionally, my expertise lies in fiber and textile chemistry, more so on making the field as less toxic and as much circular as possible. Currently I am working on my start-up JIWYA, that launched on 9th December 2023. JIWYA-comes from Sanskrit word 'jeev' meaning life, soul, spirit. It is first of it's kind, purely plant based luxury brand that uses only authentic artisanal and handmade fabric to make singular pieces. We are working on a supply chain that is transparent, traceable, regenerative plant sourced from start to end and is safest for the planet and the wearer. When I say singular- each piece made by JIWYA is just one. You are the only owner of it in the world!


When I am not working professionally, I am reading fiction, working on my zero-waste goal at home or watching some really interesting thing on TV.


Thank you for reaching my website, I have been contemplating this project for quite a while now. In the last one year, I have taken some momentous decisions and the ride gave me the final push to get my online diary, this website, started. Still not sure if I should have written this in third person, but hey, how else can I talk to you directly?

Work Experience

Work Experience-the non LinkedIn way

2022-today Nashik, India

Moved to Nashik in July 2022 from the US! Liking the city so far- especially the good weather and a consistently doable AQI.

Launched my new venture-JIWYA Dec'23. It is about impacting the grassroots with a wave of sustainability-Artisanal and purely plant based, one-of-a-kind luxury! 

Nashik by Aishwarya Lahariya

2021-2022 Greenville, SC

Analytical Scientist and later Textile Engineer at a medical textile company. Really enjoyed working with bio-resorbable textiles that are used in surgeries and provide critical support to many life altering surgeries.

Greenville by Aishwarya Lahariya
Harrisburg by Aishwarya Lahariya
Cornell by Aishwarya Lahariya

2019-2020 Boston, MA

Research Associate at a green chemistry start-up. One of my favorite work places until the pandemic sent shock waves. I was one of the first few in the textiles team working on making fully bio-degradable finishes for functional textiles. Lovely people, mostly great company structure and an experience filled with learning, made some friends for lifetime.

2018-2019 Ithaca, NY

Graduate Teaching Assistant at Cornell University. I taught Fiber Science, Fiber Mechanics and related laboratories to Freshmen and Seniors. Always a fun time working with students.

2017-2018 Ithaca, NY

Two of my most cherished experiences-

A student dining worker at Cornell. Loved working with the team of chefs at Cornell Dining.

Then, a student conservation worker at Olin Library, Cornell. I preserved 200+ old books so they can survive another century. One of a kind work!

Cornell by Aishwarya Lahariya

2020-2020 Harrisburg, PA

Worked as a Process Engineer in a large (fortune 500) and one of the oldest textile mills of the USA. Tried my level best to introduce safer chemistries and better processes at the manufacturing unit. Short stint though!

Boston by Aishwarya Lahariya


2017-2019, MS in Fiber Science

Cornell University

It was my dream school for one reason-the research environment for my major was very grilling, and I wanted that experience. Didn't disappoint at all.

2013-2017, B.Tech in Chemical Technology
majoring in Fibers and Textile Processing

Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT)

Undoubtedly the best school in India to learn chemistry, knew I wanted to be here the day I understood I enjoy chemistry more than anything else. One of the best rides of life.

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