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We live in an online world. Well I am sincerely trying to live more in the real world than the online one! But, gathering my online presence together sounds like a very organized thought. So, with my current and previous name here's a compilation of my online presence, per my will. Anything not listed here was clearly never permitted by me and is rightfully a violation.

(These include my profile as JIWYA's cofounder on random corporate websites that claim to be following a certain commerce law but wouldn't remove sensitive information even after asking many times.)


Through JIWYA, my work consists both sciences and business, my journey started purely in sciences. The following are my published works, other non-published projects can be found on LinkedIn.


Launching a startup in exciting! Even more when the work is picked, recognized and talked about. Ofcourse you will find me when you read about JIWYA.

The socials etc...

How can I not mention social media. The only two where you will see me is Instagram and LinkedIn. Past work with being early co-founder of BioFluff. I co-founded the startup BioFluff and successfully exited a little while after my move to India from the US. Apart from that, other scattered links of my presence on the internet, guest articles etc.

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