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Why should you read a scientist's blog?

Hi! Welcome..

I am Aishwarya Lahariya (recently corrected my name spelling from Ashwariya Lahariya, in case you know me). I'll tell more about the name fiasco in a separate post, let me first introduce myself here. I am primarily a chemist or chemistry scientist. I enjoy creative work as well as writing. I started this blog to just have an online diary, or maybe connect with those in similar boat as mine, utilize the world being smaller due to internet boon. More importantly, I wanted to share lived experience in real and raw manner, help out those whom I can and just keep writing.

I made this piece just yesterday while wondering how to articulate my intent with his blog

Why should you read my blog though? Maybe following information can help?

What do I talk about?

Being trained in chemistry, I like to understand the impact of science on our everyday life, the good and bad. So I talk about that often, which chemical is good for you and what you should never let in your home. This subject is also closely linked to my interests in having a circular lifestyle, being more climate conscious today than I was yesterday and keep learning on the go. Lastly, I talk through all of these through an equal lens, otherwise known as the feminist lens (either a feminist or a misogynist).


Honestly, I can't tell you if you need to know more about everyday chemicals in your life or how to be more climate conscious? That's your call.

But if you do, welcome to the ride with me. I intend to keep posting my zero waste journey, how do I navigate through plethora of chemicals thrown to us in everyday products and just share lived experiences. So feel free to comment if you are in the same boat, or simple drop a message. I 'd love to know you more.

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